Kate Moss Confronts Lindsay Lohan after ‘Parent Trap’ Actress Allegedly Messaged the Supermodel’s Husband

Supermodel Kate Moss has confronted “Parent Trap” actress Lindsay Lohan after the latter allegedly contacted Moss’ husband and The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince.

Lohan and Hince worked on a musical collaboration last year and at that time, the “Mean Girls” actress shared a photo of Hince’s boots via

Instagram and captioned it, “Nice boots #jamiehince #thekills.”

A day after, Lohan shared a photo of a signed copy of The Kills’ album called “Satellite” and wrote, “#jamiehince #tomh #robbie #bigpink #studiotime.”

This year, Lohan has tried to reach out to Hince by contacting him first. Multiple sources confirmed that Moss was unhappy with the actress’s move, according to

The Sydney Morning Herald.

A source told

The Sun, “Lindsay and Kate had a huge row at the Chiltern Firehouse. People around them noticed it was going on. The argument went for a while and Kate seemed extremely annoyed with Lindsay for contacting Jamie.”

The source continued, “She was ranting about it to a fellow diner at the restaurant. There’s no love lost between them and she knew they’d bump into each other eventually as they are both out on the town so much. Kate wasn’t happy when Lindsay arrived in the UK.”

Now, multiple sources are also saying that Lohan is considering living permanently in London because she believes that everyone in the United States is out to get her.

A source told

Radar Online, “Lindsay’s convinced everyone in America is out to get her, but she’s had the opposite experience in London. She loves British culture and says people have treated her with respect for the first time in years. Now she’s looking into the immigration process and planning a full-time relocation.”

In another news, Lohan is also in London for the West End Theater debut of “Speed-the Plow,” according to

NY Daily News.

On her first day back at work, Lohan shared a phot of herself standing in front of a stage door and wrote via

Instagram, “At work! First day… Read through.”

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