Kate Upton And Maksim Chmerkovskiy Back Together? Nah!; All The Details On Their Accidental Hangout

Rumors have been flying that

Kate Upton and

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

back together but it seems the couple will remain pals and nothing more.

The exes did, in fact, both eat at Tao in New York City on Saturday night, but their momentary meet-up was nothing more than a coincidence.

Maks sparked speculation by posting a cozy-looking pic of himself with Upton from that night on Instagram and then quickly deleting it-but the pic lives on in the twitterverse because no one is that fast these days.

We’re told that Upton was at Tao with a group of friends and family members, and Maks was with a different group having a guys night out.

The two did date and they are still friendly, so they hung out for a bit and ended up taking that photo together. And that was that.

Upton, meanwhile, is back on with Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, the rekindled couple having been spotted at sporting events together and pics of the MLB pitcher have popped back up on the supermodel’s Instagram account.

Kate and Maks went out briefly last year and then split up with “no hard feelings” between them.

Lately, the ballroom pro has been keeping busy celebrating his first Dancing With the Stars mirror-ball trophy, won with Olympic-gold-medalist ice dancer Meryl Davis.

The Kate and Maks rumors left questions that inquiring minds can’t help but ask: Has Upton already moved on? Where does that leave Verlander?

How well would a heartbroken Verlander play baseball? Most importantly, what could a chest-baring, gold chain wearing reality TV star have over a professional athlete?

The pair affectionately referred to as “Uplander” – Kate and Justin – appeared to go public with their relationship, Tweeting each other, getting photographed hand in hand on the street, attending games together, etc., just in the last few months. But their relationship was long rumored.

A scant two weeks ago, they signed the Green Monster together in Fenway Park, which seemed to cement their “on” status.

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