Kate Upton Zero Gravity Improves Career; Upton Now Venturing into Country Music

The Kate Upton Zero Gravity photo shoot with Sports Illustrated improved her career by a ten-fold. In fact, since she was featured on the same magazine’s cover in 2011, Upton’s career has been going nowhere but up.

Upton’s transition from being a model to an actress occurred when she co-starred in “The Other Woman” which was released only this year. Now, though, Upton would like to venture into the other aspects of the business and has now looked into the world of country music.

Only recently, Upton, 22 years old, has made her country music debut with the release of the new music video of Lady Antebellum. The music video, entitled “Bartender”, featured Upton and Tony Hale of “Veep” having a drinking match.

The video is started off by showing the blonde bombshell in a pensive mood as she leaves her boyfriend so she could have fun with her friends at a bar. Upton meets with the rest of the band at the bar, and this is where the drink-off with Hale, an over-zealous bartender, starts.

Right before the music video premiered on the “Today” show on Thursday, Upton gave fans a hint about her latest endeavors and posted on Twitter, “Had so much fun w/ @ladyantebellum! Hey #bartender! #cominginhot” She also teased her co-star in the video as she tweeted, “Ready for round 2 @MrTonyHale?” Hale responded with another tweet and posted, “Your boy can sling some drinks y’all!”

Upton is certainly not putting herself to any limits as she keeps pushing herself to try out other new things that interest her. From the model world, to show business, to country music, is there anything that Kate Upton cannot do?

Although Upton did not have any speaking parts in the music video, Lady Antebellum has been very vocal in stating that “Bartender” is their “hands-down favorite.” Dave Haywood of the band informed People, “I’ve always appreciated music videos that take a little bit of a different approach than what you’d first guess the video would be like. I mean, what guy would complain about spending a day with Kate Upton?”

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