Katie Cleary Husband: Andrew Stern Commits Suicide Because Of Leonardo DiCaprio! American Model Denies The Affair, Source Says ‘He Is Suffering Significant Stress Over Marital Problems’

Many people were shocked when they found out that Katie Cleary’s husband committed suicide. A source told TMZ, “Andrew Stern shot himself in the head Sunday while he was at a shooting range in the San Fernando Valley.”

The 40-year old businessman and the “Deal or No Deal” model first met on the television show “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and they got engaged in 2009. Their matchmaking story was a success, but not many people know what the couple has been going through.

Rumors started to spread that the cause of Katie Cleary’s husband’s suicide was Leonardo DiCaprio. A few weeks ago, the socialite was seen partying with the “Wolf of Wall Street” star in Cannes. Katie and Leo were dancing all night and there was even one photo wherein the actor appeared to be whispering and nibbling her ear.

However, a source claimed that the cheating rumors aren’t true. The source told TMZ, “Leo and Cleary were not together as the 39-year old actor left the establishment with his girlfriend, Toni Garrn.”

Not only Leonardo DiCaprio pushed Andrew Stern to his death, but also Adrian Grenier. The “Entourage” star was also spotted hanging out with brunette beauty and they both look happy together.

Because of all the rumors being linked to the death of Katie Cleary’s husband, her representative finally made a statement. Her rep told E! News, “Katie and Andrew have been separated and in the process of finalizing their divorce for a few months and her relationship with Leonardo and Adrian were simply platonic as she was there to promote her animal welfare documentary Give Me Shelter.”

Her rep added, “We respectfully request her privacy be given at this difficult time and have no more comments on this matter.” Another source also tried to clear up the reason behind the suicide of Katie Cleary’s husband. The insider said, “In addition to marital problems, law enforcement says Andrew had a history of depression and had financial issues.”

What do you think pushed Katie Cleary’s husband to take away his own life?

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