Keanu Reeves News: Reeves Opens Door For Two Girls Who ‘Knock Knock’; Eli Roth Says ‘The Constantine’ Actor Perfect For The Role In His Psychological Thriller Movie

No “Passengers” movie yet for Keanu Reeves this year, but his hands is still full as he will star in writer-director Eli Roth’s psychological thriller “Knock Knock”.

This is another thriller movie for him after “Constantine”, or perhaps “The Watcher” is much closer to the genre. Reeves will play the role of a happily married man who was left alone on a weekend by his wife, who will be portrayed by “The Green Inferno” star Ignacia Allamand. The conflict arises when two young girls show up out of the blue in the peaceful home of the married man. “The Green Inferno” actress Lorenza Izzo and “Hands of Stone” star Ana de Armas are the two young girls who will turn the life of the married man upside down. “The Green Inferno” is also written and directed by Eli Roth.

Roth said in getting Keanu onboard, “Getting Keanu is amazing, he’s a fine actor who is perfect for this. I feel I can have this movie ready for Toronto if I need to …”

But before “Knock Knock” hits the big screen, fans will see Reeves first in the action thriller “John Wick”, which is expected to be released this year. “The Matrix” star will play a role of a former assassin John Wick who seeks revenge after another contractor kills people closest to him. More action and stunts, including jumping off a building, are done with no doubles by Reeves. Anyway, the 49-year-old actor is known for doing all the stunts in the movie, particularly in his high grossing film “Speed” with “Miss Congeniality” actress Sandra Bullock.

Reeves made his comeback with his directorial debut in Chinese-American martial arts movie “Man of Tai Chi”. Reeves played the antagonist role in the film and pulled his friend Tiger Chen to play as Tiger Chen Linhu. He was next seen in the fantasy action film “47 Ronin” with Hiroyuki Sanada.

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