Kendall Jenner’s Dress A Vain Attempt To Keep Up With The Kardashians? 18-Year-Old Model Proud Of Her Pelvic Bone?

Kendall Jenner’s dress could be an attempt to keep up with her more famous half-siblings, the Kardashian sisters, as the 18-year-old model proud of showing off her pelvic bone to the world.

Lisa Respers France wrote for that Kendall Jenner’s dress proved that she’s “taking after her older sisters in stirring up buzz via her fashion sense” when she hosted the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards hinting of going commando.

“Though much has been written about their hosting (not all good), even more has been said about Kendall’s red carpet dress, a Fausto Puglisi number that featured splits up to the thigh,”

reported. “Jenner’s pelvic bones were plainly visible and gave the impression that she was not wearing any underwear. Probably only her stylist knows for sure.”

Kendall Jenner’s dress has created a buzz and that’s just the way the teen model likes it. In a Twitter post with her wearing the gown, she captioned the photo: “Why do one slit when you can do TWO!?”

The up and coming model’s dress even prompted to feature an article comparing her to the Angelina Jolie one-slit number in 2012, which called “Maleficent” star’s black gown as “so 2012” since this year it’s “all about the pelvis.”

However, was impressed not at Kendall Jenner’s dress but how she managed to avoid a wardrobe malfunction while wearing the high-slit gown.

“The red carpet is a risky place to go without underwear, but it’s hard to imagine a pair that would rise above those high slits! While she could’ve been rocking a very high brief, I guess we’ll never know,” the gossip site said.

Meanwhile, called Kendall Jenner’s dress has propelled her to this generation’s new style icon.

“Kendall Jenner has clearly been delving into the more risque chapters of big sister Kim’s style rule book,” the magazine said.

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