Kenya Moore Believes Porsha Williams Attack Was Planned! [VIDEO] Real Housewives Of Atlanta Feud Continues On Watch What Happens Live And Charges Filed By RHOA Star

Kenya Moore Believes Porsha Williams Attack Was Planned! How self-centered can Kenya Moore possibly be! Does Kenya really believe that Porsha Williams was sitting at home, rubbing her hands together, planning her physical attack on Kenya! Is Moore completely dilusional or is Kenya just trying to gain a little support after nobody would back her attack by Williams? Kenya actually told Andy Cohen that she believes Porsha planned to attack her and thinks she has absolutley no accountability in the infamous attack. Um, did Kenya forget sticking her dumb prob right at Williams? Kenya Moore was extremely careful about the words she used in last night’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ tell all with Moore in the hot seat. When Andy Cohen asked Moore if she believes she deserved the attack by Porsha, by sticking her prop out at Williams, Kenya could not be more disagreeable. Moore believes that you can anything to anybody but the only action that matters is if you physically put your hand on someone. And Kenya is free to go on her ‘Porsha is the devil rampage’ but nobody is buying the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star’s pity party. Kenya was not surprisingly extremely cautious in choosing her terms when discussing Porsha.  Moore is always reluctant to let it all hang out, picking her words all too carefully. 

After all, Kenya has filed charges against Williams for the Real Housewives of Atlanta confrontation between her and Williams so she had other motives! 

So Kenya is calculating in what she shares with Housewives viewers. But like so many RHOA fans, I believe Kenya is WRONG if she believes the attack was planned. WHy would Porsha lpna to embarrass herself on national TV? Williams clearly looked taken aback by her attack on Moore and looked seriously ashamed. Kenya AND Porsha should both apologize for their actions. See, Kenya says that Porsha grabbing her hair is the WORST thing in the world. But when it comes to pain, torturing Porsha with words hurts a hell of a lot more that 10 seconds with a bruised scalp. But maybe if Kenya can admit to her faults, the RHOA feud can finally end. When Andy asked about the incident, Kenya was about to say that Porsha should not have reacted to her ‘behavior’ but the RHOA star quickly said the ‘incident.’ She said this because Kenya knows that her ‘behavior’ provoked Porsha. But Moore would never admit this.  Kenya makes it seem like she is completely innocent because Williams was the one who physically attacked her. 

But the truth is Porsha was pushed so far and if you keep poking at someone, you are bound to receive a consequence. Kenya HAS bullied Porsha over and over. Let’s not forget what happened when Porsha and Kenya first met. Kenya was so pissed at Porsha for calling her ‘Miss America’ instead of ‘Miss USA’ at a childrens’ charity event that she disturbed the financial success of the event highlighting kids! SO what Kenya! It’s for the children! Kenya Moore is delusional. She acts like the attack on her was planned when she clearly provoked it. Anything Porsha has ever done or said towards Kenya was only in retaliation. Kenya has been mean towards Williams since day 1 at the charity event last season. Porsha may be childish and not that bright, but she means no harm. But Kenya, on the other hand, will rip at someone’s soul to get ahead. Anything Porsha said about Kenya’s inability to find a man, and carry a child was only in retribution. Kenya has said Porsha cheated on Kordell Stewart, and has made a mockery of her marriage calling Porsha Kordell’s ‘beard.’ She has made fun of the Williams countless times, pushing her buttons episode after episode. Kenya can say whatever she wants to pursue her audience, but Real Housewives Of Atlanta fans know the truth about her.

So the real question is can these two Bravolebrites make peace. I think they can, if and only if Kenya takes accountability for her ill behavior towards her cast mates.

Whose side are you on? Kenya or Porsha’s?

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