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Kim Jong-kook to start New Year with Asia tour

Singer  Kim Jong-kook  is starting afresh with Turbo. Starting from January,  Kim Jong-kook  is going to go around Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asian countries. ‘Running Man’ became so popular in other parts of Asia and the States and so did  Kim Jong-kook . His reputation increased when he toured around America, China and other Asian countries in 2014. He is especially popular in China. Although ‘Running Man’ is ending soon,  Kim Jong-kook  is just starting as he’s going to Asia. Turbo’s newest album will be out as soon as they decide on the title song.  Kim Jong-kook  is going to be busier because of this. Their comeback was postponed as recording and selecting songs took longer than expected. There is also a possibility that  Kim Jong-kook ‘s tour might become Turbo’s tour if the album comes out in time. Kim Jong-kook ‘s management claims the tour will be held within the first three months of the start of the year. Source: HanCinema  

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