Kim Kardashian Beyonce Feud: ‘I’m Fed Up’; Tension With Jay Z And Kanye Worsens After No-Show At Parisian Wedding! Will The Couples Ever Bury The Hatchet?

The Kim Kardashian Beyonce feud have yet to settle down, after the latter and husband Jay Z were no-shows at her Paris wedding; Kim has had enough of Beyonce snubbing her, according to reports.

Kanye West recently signed a management deal with Jay Z, and they are really good friends. Kim hoped their husbands being best buddies would translate into better relationship with Beyonce, but the latter’s absence in her wedding was the last straw.

A source to Heat magazine revealed the tension between the two. “Kim’s spent years trying to get close to her but, with every let down, she’s felt more depressed. It’s the effect Beyoncé’s always had on Kim, but not anymore. She’s finally had enough.”

It’s reported Kanye is also angry Jay Z wasn’t present at their Paris wedding. Kim hoped the two would make amends, invited both for dinner earlier this month; the turnout was a disappointment.

“They barely spoke. Kanye was fuming that Kim had gone behind his back and wouldn’t listen as Jay made small talk and tried to apologise for letting him down. He explained again that it was Beyoncé’s decision. Jay left after ten minutes, then Kim and Kanye had a big argument that left Kim in tears. She’s really unhappy, and is saying it’s all Beyoncé’s fault.”

The Kim Kardashian Beyonce feud only escalated, and Kim has reportedly given up hopes of reconciliation. “Kim is still praying [Kanye] makes things up with Jay. Whatever happens, though, she’s washing her hands of Beyoncé. She’s sick of pandering to her.” (


Tension flared up with initial reports Beyonce was calling Kim a social climbing media w**** behind her back, and the latter caught wind of the comments. The Kim Kardashian Beyonce feud heated up, especially when Beyonce posted a photo of her Hampton vacation with Jay Z, on the day they were supposed to attend the Kim-Kanye Paris wedding.

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