Kim Soo Hyun Becomes The King Of Commercials

Kim Soo Hyun Becomes The King Of Commercials
Kim Soo Hyun Becomes The King Of Commercials


Not only is Kim Soo Hyun a major Hallyu star, the actor can now qualify for the title of the King of Commercials. He is breaking records with the number of commercials that he has done and the number of countries his commercials are being shown in.

According to enewsworld, the actor not only recently filmed 15 commercials in South Korea but he has set a new record for modeling in 35 different countries. And that happened in just one year.

Some of the international companies that have sought to feature him in their commercials include Coca Cola and Yi Li.

And he could have done more commercials. Key East, his management company, says that they continue get commercial offers but they are being cautious about how they allocate the actor’s time. They must be selective so the actor can focus on his image and future projects. “Even during his busy schedules traveling from Korea to China, he is always considering different scripts,” said a KeyEast representative. “Acting projects have more priority than commercials. After some more consideration, Kim Soo Hyun will return to fans with another good project.”

So far, the actor seems to have a knack for choosing what makes a good project. One reason for his commercial desirability is that each of his dramas and films has been a ratings success. “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” had ratings of 42.2 percent and “You Who Came From The Stars” only added to his international stardom. Both his films, “Secretly Greatly,” in which he played a North Korean spy, and “Thieves,” in which he co-starred with Jun Ji Hyun, were box office hits.

But the actor is happy to share the money he earned filming all those commercials. This year he donated significant amounts of money to charity.

After the Sewol ferry tragedy, he donated $300,000 to help the students of Danwon High School. Most of the children who died in the incident came from Danwon School. In addition, Kim Soo Hyun donated $200,000 to help poor children in China through the China Children & Teenager’s Fund. The money is intended to help establish a medical treatment center.

In March Kim Soo Hyun did a commercial for windbreakers with his “Dream High” co-star Suzy. This past October the singer-turned actress topped the list of female celebrity models in commercials. She appeared in 22 commercials last year and earned the title of The Queen of Commercials.”

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