Kingdom Hearts 3 New Rumors And Theories Include Keyblade Returning To ‘Lost Masters’ Leaving Sora With A Lightsaber!

Looking at the evolution of video games, it seems that realism has been on a stable incline. Games used to not make sense. Today, the more logical games are, the more appealing it is.

The highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to be more logical than its predecessors. However, it is always the unrealistic things that made video games fun to play. With the third sequel already in production, we have decided to lay out a couple of unreal features for Kingdom Hearts 3.

For starters, it will definitely be awesome if keyblades have lightsabre variants. After all, LucasFilms is already owned by Disney it this will be a welcoming feature.

Of course, the fans are all one when it comes to requesting for something unreal. It seems that the Kingdom Hearts community would love it if all the worlds are made available in a single game. If this is to come true, Kingdom Hearts 3 will surely redefine the word, massive.

Another rumor being discussed is the Keyblade Leveling system. Keyblade levelling is an element that is not introduced in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. With Kingdom Hearts 3 in development, fans are left wondering on if such a mechanism will be in place.

The opinions shared by the fans are certainly interesting to learn. Of course, Kingdom Hearts 3 is already being produced by Square Enix. Gamers can only hope it’s not too late to add the feature in the highly anticipated third sequel.

But some light has been shed at E3 when co-creator Tai Yasue said:

“I can’t say for sure but a portion of it has been set in stone. When creating a KINGDOM HEARTS game, the storyline must usually be completely determined; how it will play and its system will be quickly developed simultaneously. New information is expected to be released soon as soon as we’re ready. Please stay tuned!”

For those who are intrigued what transpired during the trailer, watch it here: In the last sequence, the focal point of the narrative was history of the Keyblade, and “lost masters” which probably refers to previous Keyblade masters before Sora.

All in all, Kingdom Hearts 3 will surely make it big when it gets released. Fans trust Square Enix to deliver and epic third sequel ahead.

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