Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: Keyblade Origin And Its Lost Masters Storyline Confirmed By Co-Creator Tai Yasue As Hinted In KH 2.5 E3 Trailer!

Finally, some light has been shed as KH3 co-creator Tai Yasue gave some details about the KH 2.5 trailer shown at E3!

In a recent interview in Dengeki magazine, Kingdom Hearts co-creator Tai Yasue comes out with a few more tidbits of information about this long awaited Kingdom Hearts III.

After the release of the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and the accompanying scene which will supposedly be opening Kingdom Hearts III, the fans have been eager for more information. Thanks to KH Insider, gamers now have access to this information that was printed exclusively in the Japanese magazine.

When asked what the purpose was behind recording the lines added to the end of the KH 2.5 trailer, Yasue stated: “Although the footage may change, KINGDOM HEARTS III will be about those words from the start of the game. It’s a secret, but as for whom is speaking, you may be able to pin down immediately from the figures seen.”

With that said, the characters speaking can be narrowed down a bit to Sora, Riku, Mickey, Xehanort and/or Vanitas. While all of Organization XIII flashes across the screen as well, none of them are seen with their hoods down, so it is unlikely Yasue is referring to them.

When asked about the story of the game, Yasue said:

“I can’t say for sure but a portion of it has been set in stone. When creating a KINGDOM HEARTS game, the storyline must usually be completely determined; how it will play and its system will be quickly developed simultaneously. New information is expected to be released soon as soon as we’re ready. Please stay tuned!”

For those who are intrigued what transpired during the trailer, watch it here: In the last sequence, the focal point of the narrative was history of the Keyblade, and “lost masters” which probably refers to previous Keyblade masters before Sora.

Various sources have also stated that Kingdom Hearts III will be making an appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, so gamers can expect more news soon.

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