‘Ktown Cowboys’ Is Premiering In North American Theaters

'Ktown Cowboys' Is Premiering In North American Theaters

'Ktown Cowboys' Is Premiering In North American Theaters

'Ktown Cowboys' Is Premiering In North American Theaters

“Ktown Cowboys” is premiering in select North American theaters on March 18.
The Hollywood production provides a heartfelt and comedic examination of the challenges faced by five Korean-American friends, who attempt to gain love and success in Los Angeles, Koreatown. 

Screenwriter and comedian Danny Cho leads the cast as Danny, a stand-up comic who is plagued by delusions of unattainable fame. His bawdy humor is offset by the tribulations of Sunny, the son of liquor store proprietors and a restauranteur, portrayed by Sunn Wee. Sunny attempts to balance filial obligations with his own pursuit of happiness. 
Bobby Choy, who performs under the stage name Big Phony, is Robby, an adoptee whose Korean heritage is off-set by his suburban, American upbringing.
Peter Jae tackles the role of Peter, a design student who is seemingly out of place within the fashion world. 
Shane Yoon  rounds out the cast as Jason, a financially privileged businessman who unexpectedly falls upon difficult times. 
The coming-of-age flick debuted at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2015, before going into limited release. KpopStarz sat down with the cast  for an interview, during the preeminent music, film, and technology event. 
Danny Cho weighed in on the motivation for setting the film within LA Koreatown.
“Before we shot the web series, no one had ever focused on K-Town,” said Cho.  “That’s where the director and I spent most of our formative years, partying. I thought that would be interesting and we knew that most people didn’t know about it. Once the web series came out, The Food Network visited Koreatown. Anthony Bourdain was eating at Sizzler, for some reason.” 
He went on to describe the juxtapositions between Koreatown and the land which has served as the launching point of the Hallyu Wave.  
“K-Town is not necessarily full blown Korean culture,” said Cho.  “It’s Korean-American culture and it’s different from Korean culture. I don’t want people to think this is Korean culture because it’s not; it’s kind of a like an older version of it. I like to think of it as a 1980’s version of Korean culture. That’s when my parents immigrated and they never went back. It’s like the culture stopped.” 
“Ktown Cowboys” premieres in select theaters on March 18, with screenings in Los Angeles at CGV Cinemas, New York City’s AMC Empire 25 theater, AMC Metreon 16 in San Francisco, and Cinema Arts Theater in Virginia. 
Screenings will also be accompanied by select after-party events featuring “Ktown Cowboys” cast members. 
For more information, including ticketing and showtimes, visit the website for ” Ktown Cowboys .” 

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