Kylie Jenner Cries Foul Against Paparazzi! Tyga’s Girlfriend Calls Them Disrespectful

Kylie Jenner Cries Foul Against Paparazzi! Tyga's Girlfriend Calls Them Disrespectful

Kylie Jenner Cries Foul Against Paparazzi! Tyga's Girlfriend Calls Them Disrespectful

Kylie Jenner might have been making her millions because of “KUWTK,” by Tyga’s girlfriend is constantly reminded by the consequences of fame.
The “KUWTK” star took to Twitter  to complain about the harassment from unethical photographers. She wrote, “Paparazzi are so disrespectful on a whole other level.”

One of her fans commented, “They’ll never learn! Always protect yourself Kylie and never let them disrespect you! We got your back King!!!”
Another said, “they don’t get that you’re a teenager trying to live your life.”
In another tweet , Kylie Jenner said, “I’m ok with what they do I’ve accepted it. Just respect me & we will be all good.”
“I’ve seen 2 car accidents in the last WEEK caused by paparazzi,” the “KUWTK” star added.
A fan wrote, “Doesnt that tell us something?!! We need some laws against them.”
But some of her followers didn’t believe Tyga’s girlfriend in blaming the paparazzi for her road troubles.
“Or was it because you snapchat yourself drive 24 hours a day hahahahaha,” one fan wrote.
One wrote, “Taking selfies or Snapchats where you’re doing nothing worthwhile except mouthing song lyrics for no reason and looking stupid … but hey ho. Also don’t forget your father caused a death by her driving.”
Another said, “She clearly needs someone to teach her the basic rules of the road.”
Just to prove her point, “KUWTK” star Kylie Jenner posted on her Instagram  what her day is like. The photo was taken from behind while Tyga’s girlfriend was walking out and there was a horde of paparazzi waiting for her. She captioned the image, “Life.”
One female fan, however, admonished Tyga’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, for her attitude towards the paparazzi. “Stop ranting about paps, you choose to live this life,” she commented.
Another chimed in, “You can’t choose to live as public of a life as you do and have any expectation of privacy.”

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