Lady Gaga Drags Usher To Exonerate Herself? ‘Judas’ Singer Cites Justin Bieber’s Mentor’s Case To Win Plagiarism Lawsuit

Lady Gaga dragged Usher into her own mess as the “Judas” singer hoped that Justin Bieber’s mentor’s previous successful defense of a plagiarism lawsuit can be used as precedence.

According to , Lady Gaga dragged Usher into her plagiarism lawsuit, filed by Rebecca Francescatti in 2011, in documents filed this week.

In her defense, Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) claimed that, “if the title lyrics of the two songs at issue are the same, and even if those lyrics are repeated in a chorus, they are not eligible for copyright protection if common phrases or words.”

As Lady Gaga dragged Usher into her legal battle, the papers her lawyers filed claimed that the only similarity in terms of lyrics between her and the plaintiff’s “Juda” song is “the repeating of ‘Juda’ in her song and ‘Judas’ in Lady Gaga’s song.”

“As in Edwards, which found the lyrics ‘caught up’ to be unoriginal, the lyric ‘Judas,’ whether as a song title or lyric, is too common to be protectable,” the papers said.

Lady Gaga’s lawyer is now asking the court to dismiss the copyright infringement lawsuit based on the precedence of Usher’s plagiarism case, which the judge threw out.

Last year, said the , Usher was sued for copyright infringement over his 2004 song “Caught Up.” The suit was filed in Manhattan federal court by Mitch Moses, Zacharia Edwards and Vince McClean who claimed that they wrote a similar song in 2002.

The trio claimed that “the theme, melody, hook, lyrics and chorus of the musical compositions are similar.”

In 2011, reported, Rebecca Francescatti, sued Lady Gaga for allegedly copying her 1999 song “Juda.” The plaintiff claimed that Brian Gaynor, her ex-bass player, has found employment in the record company which wrote 17 songs for Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album.

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