Lana Del Rey Ultra Violence Release Date Approaching: Says She Wants To Meet Elon Musk; Listen To New Song ‘Is This Happiness’ Here!

Lana Del Rey released her new song “Is This Happiness” on her Youtube account earlier in the day. Listen to the song below!

The release date of Ultraviolence is getting very close! Check out the entire album over on iTunes. The album will hit stores on June 17.

The 27-year-old singer/songwriter recently spoke with about her new album ‘Ultraviolence.’

Del Rey said about the title of her new album, “I think the album was called Ultraviolence before I even had the songs. That’s because I just really love words. I’m kind of inspired by just a one-word title. For this one, I had a motif of hydrangeas in mind. Mainly because these flowers I love are in shades of blue and violet, and when I was talking to [producer] Dan [Auerbach of the Black Keys] about inspirations and color tones, this sort of high violet vibration was on my mind. Maybe because blue is connected with jazz and also sorrow.”

She revealed that the most meaningful gift a fan has given her was, saying, “A boy brought me a silver jewelry box, and etched in it was this T.S. Eliot poem that had been my header on Twitter. It was just this comment about a rose that had the look of a flower that was always looked at. So he knew that that was one of my favorite quotes, and I found that to be so very thoughtful.”

Del Rey also talked about her interests in science, saying, “I majored in metaphysics in college, that’s what I got my degree in. And the reason I chose that was because the Jesuits who were teaching that subject, they weren’t just theologians, they also had backgrounds in science. Obviously the quest for peace, the quest for knowledge of something bigger is…that’s the end game. That’s what I’m really interested in. But technology, I believe, is bringing us closer to maybe figuring out some of those questions, and I think we’ve really seen that in the last ten years. I’m interested just like probably anybody else is. I guess meeting people like Elon Musk and people involved in the tech world in different ways has been interesting to me.”

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