Launch Leaked For PS4 Vita Bundle ‘Ultimate Player Edition,’ Sony Confirms Delay Caused By Packaging Problem; E3 Reveals New PS4 Console Packaged With Handheld, Like Xbox One And Kinect

Sony is set to release its PS4 Vita Bundle “Ultimate Player Edition,” but the official launch is preempted by leaks at retail sites.

Sony planned to tear a page from Microsoft’s playbook, in its attempt to bundle the Xbox One with Kinect. A PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Bundle seemed more sensible, and would likely be received well by fans of both platforms.

Launch plans were

preempted by leaks even before E3 opened, though, on notable sites like Amazon. Updated leaks on Twitter also peg the bundle with Borderlands 2, on a Best Buy listing. The package comes with a $560 price tag.

Even if the leaks are valid and confirmed, players and fans still speculate how Sony will market the offer, given Microsoft’s seeming failure to push theirs on a budget-conscious market. If reports of an Amazon (France) listing is verified true, then the official launch is at least a few weeks away.

A slim PS Vita is scheduled for launch on France July 4, with an unlikely price tag of $789.99 for a standalone unit. The PS Vita in itself is estimated to cost $245.16; with the PS4 sold at $544.83, the steep 700-dollar price tag suggests a bundle of both units.

A PS4 Vita Bundle “Ultimate Player Edition” could be Sony’s effort to revive sales for the handheld platform, given its sluggish performance over the previous months. Gamers are expected to adopt the PS Vita as an accessory to their PlayStation 4 units, at the very least.

In a recent report, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan confirms the delay for the PS4 Vita Bundle “Ultimate Player Edition” launch, primarily due to issues on packaging design.

Ryan suggests how a glitch as small as packaging issues affects a scheduled launch. “Being a hardware manufacturer can be a very tedious thing. It’s being held up by trying to get the bundle packaged in a way where drop tests work properly. We’re just about there now.” (


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