Lebron James Heat Contract To Expire? Miami’s Power Player Considers Opt-Out Clause To Bail; Searches For Greener Pastures Of Better Management, A Younger Team With Deeper Roster

The status of Lebron James Heat contract is uncertain, and reports reveal it’s partly because of the team’s apparent mismanagement.

With less than two weeks prior to the start of free agency, Lebron James is seriously weighing his options, in the wake of the turnout of the Heat-Spurs championship. Insiders speculate James will stay with Miami, although he’s yet to make a decision.

James, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, have signed contracts with opt-out clauses, giving them lease to become free agents starting July. James is set to go on a family vacation to consider his options.

The primary reason to leave the Heat is in pursuit of greener pastures, so to speak. Alongside Wade and Bosh, James completes the powerhouse in a team which is otherwise going through a dry spell. Younger stars and a more developed roster could make a difference, especially in James’ career.

Lebron James Heat contract is still an asset though, and the team remains of championship caliber, considering this season’s turnout. James could receive the same flak he did leaving Cleveland several years ago, a perception he has been trying to erase ever since.

Management issues play a factor in the decisions, as it is reported James is hesitant to remain in-contract due to Heat owner Micky Arison’s cost-cutting measures, at the players’ expense.

Salary cuts are planned for players in a bid to save management, which paid the luxury tax for the past two years. Insiders insist the Heat would’ve had a fighting chance against the Spurs if it invested in a deeper roster instead of appeasing its power players (



James has the choice to opt-out of his contract and re-sign a short-term deal, giving him leeway to evaluate his future in the team. Miami isn’t the same without him, but that’s something a deeper roster can compensate for. Lebron James Heat contract expires July 1 (



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