Lee Hong Ki Says It’s Possible For Men And Women To Be Friends

Lee Hong Ki Says It's Possible For Men And Women To Be Friends

Lee Hong Ki Says It's Possible For Men And Women To Be Friends

Is it possible for men and women to be friends? And does it only happen because the man has been friend-zoned?
FT Island leader and actor Lee Hong Ki recently appeared on the JTBC talk show “Non Summit” and was asked the first question. How was it possible, the emcee Jun Hyun Moo asked, that he and actress Park Shin Hye were just friends?

“Is it even possible,” asked Jun. “What do you do when you meet Park Shin Hye?”
Lee and Park have been friends since they appeared together in the drama “You’re Beautiful.” She played a girl pretending to be her brother to save his place in the popular band ANJELL. Lee played A.N.JELL member Jeremy. When Jeremy falls for Park Shin Hye’s he’s confused about his feelings because he thinks her character is a boy. When she winds up with the lead singer, played by Jang Geun Suk, poor Jeremy is heartbroken. But in real life Lee Hong Ki is the ANJELL member that she remained closest to.
The question of their relationship was raised again because Park Shin Hye played Lee Hong Ki’s lover in the music video for his release “Insensible.” She appeared on the video as a favor, nothing more than the other favors the two friends have done for each other during the long history of their friendship.
“It’s possible,” Lee told Jun Hyun Moo. “She’s like my other male friends. We just hang out drinking together and bowling.”
Lee and Park have been open about that friendship, offering public evidence of the times they spent together and the ways they supported each other.
In 2012 Park Shin Hye called Lee Hongki when she was on the variety show “Music and Lyrics.” And he called her during a 2013 episode of Super Junior’s “Kiss The Radio Show.”
In 2013 Park Shin Hye penned a supportive message for Lee Hong Ki’s film debut in “Rocking on Heaven’s Door.” She wrote “Cheers for ‘Rocking on Heaven’s Door. Thank you so much Hong Star.”
In 2014 they displayed their friendship on three occasions. In February, she posted photos of her birthday celebration, which she shared with Lee and BEAST’s Hyun and Super Junior’s Heechul.
In July she posted photos of herself dressed in pink clothing from Lee Hong Ki’s Skull Hong clothing line. Her comment: “I received a present from Hong-star. I transformed into a ‘pink person’ as soon as I tried on the fresh Skull Hong t-shirt.”
In December the friends shared a picture taken at a coffee shop. He posted the picture on Instagram with the caption, “I finally met Park Shin Hye.”
In May 2015 she posted an Instagram photo of herself and Lee Hong Ki when she showed up to support him at the 2015 FNC Kingdom Concert in Seoul. CNBLUE, N.Flying, Juniel and AOA also performed in the concert.
The caption read: I came to your concert! I thought you’d be mad at me if I didn’t.”
The video is just the latest evidence of their friendship. Have you seen it? What do you think?

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