Lee Hongki Learns About Dognapping In “How to Steal a Dog.”

Lee Hongki Learns About Dognapping In “How to Steal a Dog.”
Lee Hongki Learns About Dognapping In “How to Steal a Dog.”


In “You’re Beautiful,” Lee Hongki played the musician and pet owner named Jeremy. In that comedy the actor and FT Island singer liked to cuddle and play with the  dog he named after Angelina Jolie. But in his new film Lee Hong Ki may spend less time playing with dogs than complicating a plot to steal them.

Lee Hong Ki’s agency FNC Entertainment announced last week that the actor makes a special appearance in the film “How To Steal A Dog.”

In the film he will play Suk Gu, a pizza delivery boy who gets involved in an attempt to steal a dog. His character will complicate the dognapping plot in a funny way.

The dog kidnapper is not a cunning criminal but rather a young girl whose family situation is so hopeless that she has been driven to reconsider what’s right and wrong. Her father goes bankrupt, the family becomes homeless and she’s desperate to help improve their lives. One day she sees a poster offering a reward for returning a lost dog. The reward is a huge amount. She figures she can just borrow the dogs of wealthy families and return them for the reward. Who would suspect a sweet young girl of stealing dogs? And it’s not as if she has really stolen them. She is planning on returning them.

The film “How to Steal a Dog” is based on the novel of the same name written by Barbara O’Connor. The original novel was set in the U.S. but the story has been adapted so that the film takes place in Korea.

It’s only Lee Hong Ki’s second film role. Lee has had several drama roles. His latest drama was “Bride of the Century,” which was popular in China. In that drama he played a coldhearted chaebol. The actor has done cameos before but they were in dramas. He had small roles in the dramas “Unstoppable Marriage” and “My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox.”

His only previous film role was playing a temperamental pop star assigned to community service in a hospice in “Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door.”

Also cast in “How to Steal a Dog” are Kim Hye Ja, Choi Min Soo, Kang Hye Jung and Yi Re. Kim Sung Ho will direct  “How To Steal A Dog.” Filming has already begun and the film is due to be released later this year.

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