Lee Jun Ki And Nam Sang Mi Are Having Fun Filming “The Joseon Gunman”

Lee Jun Ki And Nam Sang Mi Are Having Fun Filming "The Joseon Gunman"
Lee Jun Ki And Nam Sang Mi Are Having Fun Filming "The Joseon Gunman"


When actor Lee Jun Ki appeared in the film “The King and The Clown,” he played a clown so pretty that he swayed the affections of a king. His flower boy good looks were much commented on. The actor worked hard to get away from his flower boy image and take on tougher, more macho roles. And he convincingly shed that image with roles such as the street thug Tae San in the drama “Two Weeks.”

But he has not been able to convince actress Nam Sang Mi, who says he is even cuter now than when they worked together on “The Time Between Dog and Wolf.”

“Lee Jun Ki has gotten cuter since I saw him seven years ago,” said Nam Sang Mi at the Seoul press conference for their upcoming drama “The Joseon Gunman.” “Back then we were both so busy with our acting but now he jokes around a lot. We have become like siblings. We’re having fun filming together.”

Lee Jun Ki also had fond things to say about his two-time co-star, who last appeared in the drama “Goddess of Marriage.”  However, he described their working relationship as being more like an old married couple’s than that of siblings.

“I was happy to hear that Nam Sang Mi was cast in the role,” said Lee Jun Ki. “Actually, I have wanted to film with actress Nam Sang Mi again ever since our drama in 2007. We were able to work together like an old couple on the first day of filming ‘The Joseon Gunman.’ I appreciate the fact that we can rely on each other in the filming scenes.”

In the drama they will be neither siblings nor an old married couple. They will again play two characters that fall in love.

“The Joseon Gunman” takes place at the end of the Joseon era. Lee Jun Ki’s character Park Yoon Kang forsakes the sword and takes up the fun to avenge the death of his father and sister. In the process he unwittingly becomes a hero. Nam Sang Mi plays the noblewoman Jung Soo In, who initially argues with him but eventually grows fond of him.

In the thriller “Time Between Dog and Wolf,” he played an NIS agent and she played an art director. Their characters fell in love during that drama and faced many trials. In “The Joseon Gunman” the love their characters share will also be tested.

The KBS drama will air on June 25 following “Golden Cross.”

Kim Jung Shin, who also directed “The Princess’ Man,” will direct “The Joseon Gunman.”

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