Lee Seung Gi Is The Latest Actor To Be Injured On A K-Drama Set

Lee Seung Gi Is The Latest Actor To Be Injured On A K-Drama Set
Lee Seung Gi Is The Latest Actor To Be Injured On A K-Drama Set


The character Lee Seung Gi plays on “You Are All Surrounded” has landed in some dangerous situations. But so has the actor. While filming an action sequence with a prop knife, Lee suffered an eye injury that was serious enough to land him in the hospital. The injury damaged his cornea and caused bleeding.

According to an SBS representative, he was unable to return to the film set. The actor wanted to resume filming but after examining the wound, doctors told him that was not a good idea. They could not film without him since he plays such an important character in the drama. So, they decided to suspend filming.

The actor apologized to the viewers of “You’re All Surrounded,” saying that it was unfortunate the filming had to stop because of the accident. He promised to do his best to help the drama continue.

He is currently resting and trying to recover as quickly as possible.

“You’re All Surrounded” is a drama about rookie detectives at Gangnam Station in. Lee plays rookie Eun Dae Ga. He became a detective so he could learn more about Seo Pan Suk, the department chief, played by Cha Seung Won. His character was involved in the death of Eun Dae Ga’s mother.

Instead of the episode due to be shown on Wednesday, they will show a special episode. The next episode, which was already filmed, will be shown on June 12.

Lee Seung Gi is not the first actor to receive an injury on a k-drama set. Last year while Moon Geun Young was filming “Goddess of Fire: Jeonji,” she also injured her eye. Her eye became swollen, she had to go to the emergency room and filming stopped. On a previous drama set for “Painter of the Wind,” she sustained two separate injuries. She broke her nose while filming and also twisted her ankle.

Kim Nam Gil has also been injured on the set of films and dramas. While he was filming “Shark,” he cracked his ribs and was told to stay home and rest. The actor took painkillers and returned to work after a few days.

Last month Kim Nam Gil replaced Lee Jung Jae in the film “Rouge,” because that actor suffered an injury.

Park Yoochun injured his shoulder while filming “Three Days.” He tore his shoulder ligament and was told he would need to rest for three months, but he decided to keep filming rather than drop out of the drama or even limit his acting scenes. He filmed the entire drama while in pain.

Hopefully Lee Seung Gi will heal quickly and be able to return to the set of “You’re All Surrounded.”

What do you think about the fact that k-drama actors sustain so many on-set injuries?

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