Lee Seung Gi Still Recovering From Serious Eye Injury

Lee Seung Gi Still Recovering From Serious Eye Injury
Lee Seung Gi Still Recovering From Serious Eye Injury


Lee Seung Gi is still recovering from his eye injury and no decision has yet been made as to when he will return to the set of his SBS drama “You’re All Surrounded.”

According to his agency, Hook Entertainment, doctors will continue to observe the rate at which the actor’s injury heals before making any decision about when to resume filming.

It has been three days since the 27-year-old actor was poked in the eye by a sharp prop knife during the filming of an action scene. As his eye was bleeding, he was taken to the hospital. There it was determined that he injured his cornea.

It was originally feared that the actor would need eye surgery but doctors determined that no special surgery would be needed. He did, however, have to rest. A representative from Lee’s agency said that the doctor suggested at least three to four days of rest before making a decision on when to resume the filming schedule. They plan to reexamine his eyes after the weekend.

Because Lee Seung Gi has such a large role in the drama, it is impossible to film around his character. After the actor was injured, all filming stopped. Instead of airing an episode, SBS chose to show a special film instead.

Lee Seung Gi wanted to return to the set right after his eye was injured but doctors told him that it was not a good idea.

He apologized to the viewers of “You’re All Surrounded,” saying that it was unfortunate the filming had to stop because of the accident. He promised to do his best to help the drama continue.

“Lee Seung Gi’s determination to resume filming is strong,” said a representative from Hook Entertainment.

“You’re All Surrounded” is a drama about rookie detectives at Gangnam Station in. Lee plays rookie Eun Dae Ga. He became a detective partly to find out what part Seo Pan Suk, the department chief played in the death of his mother. Seo Pan Suk is played by Cha Seung Won.

Because the episode of “You’re All Surrounded” was cancelled, the competing drama “Golden Cross” finally had a clear shot at first place. The 16 episode of “Golden Cross” rated 10.7 percent and as a result landed in first place. That was 0.6 percent more than the previous episode but there was no frontrunner to compete with. The special broadcast that replaced “You’re All Surrounded” only rated 6.5 percent.

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