Lee Seung Gi To Return To Work, Drama Remains In First Place

Lee Seung Gi To Return To Work
Lee Seung Gi To Return To Work


The eye injury that Lee Seung Gi suffered last week while filming “You’re All Surrounded” is healing quickly. While the actor has not recovered completely, his doctors say that he is on the mend and filming will resume shortly.

The actor injured his eye while filming an action scene close to the end of the drama’s tenth episode. A fake sword cut his cornea and his eye began to bleed. The actor was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with corneal damage and intraocular hemorrhage. Lee Seung Gi insisted that he was fine and wanted to return to the set immediately but the doctors warned him that is is not wise to ignore an eye injury.

An SBS official told the Korea Herald that following doctor’s orders was the right thing to do.

“His quick recovery was due to immediate handling and following the doctor’s advice,” said the SBS official.

Filming had to stop after the week’s first episode as the star’s leading role meant he was in almost every shot. It could not be filmed without him. Instead, on June 11, a special presentation was shown in the drama’s place. With the absence of an episode, the competing drama “Golden Cross” easily moved into first place in the ratings.

The episode that had been completed was shown during its regular time slot on the second day and “You’re All Surrounded” once again claimed first place in the ratings.

The episode did see a slight dip in the ratings perhaps as the result of some confusion about scheduling and Lee Seung Gi’s recovery. When the episode did air, it rated 9.6 percent. That was 1.1 percent lower than the previous episode’s ratings.

“You’re All Surrounded,” the story of rookie cops who discover just why they wanted to be detectives, also stars Cha Seung Won, Go Ara and Ahn Jae Hyun. Lee Seung Gi plays a rookie who became a detective to find out more about his mother’s death but who discovers he likes police work.

The revenge drama “Golden Cross” lost first place on the second night but only by a fraction of a percentage. It rated 9.1 percent. “Golden Cross” stars Kim Kang Woo, Lee Si Young, Uhm Ki Joon, Han Eun Jung and Jung Bo Suk. “A New Leaf,” the legal drama starring Park Min Young, Jin Yi Han and Kim Myung Min, wound up in third place. But it also came close with a rating of 8.7 percent.

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