Left 4 Dead 3 In The Works Under New Developer As Turtle Rock Studios Focuses On Evolve For PC, PS4 And Xbox One!

Left 4 Dead 3 will have a new developer because Turtle Rock is too busy developing Evolve.

Turtle Rock has been the tool of creation for Valve for a long time and now they have finally broke up from the father company and have become an independent game developer. One game that the studio is known for is Left 4 Dead, which was back in 2008.

Now that Turtle Rock is not attached to anything it has left fans wondering what will happen to Left 4 Dead 3.

Left 4 Dead 3 isn’t going to be coming out at any point in the near future as Phil Robb from Turtle Rock said that the developer is creating a new IP, Evolve. The upcoming game will be much like Left 4 Dead and players will have to work together to be able to overcome challenges along with accomplishing tasks.

Phil said that Evolve was the first game idea from Rock Turtle; however this was something that didn’t blossom as far as it could have due to Valve having restrictions. Now that Turtle Rock has broken up with Valve, they would like to see Evolve materialize.

Phil also said talked about the L4D franchise and said that they are finished with the series and Turtle Rock has moved onto something new. Fans are disappointed about this and it is looking as if Turtle Rock is infected with the Valve disease in that they are not making trilogies.

Phil also didn’t deny the making Left 4 Dead 3, so it could be developed at some point. This could happen when Turtle Rock is settled with Evolve.

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