Left 4 Dead 3 Release Date To Be Announced After Source Engine 2 Launch Rumored As Steam OS Could Introduce Half Life 3


The Left 4 Dead 3 release date could be announced after Source Engine 2 launches.

Valve might not reveal anything on Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 but that didn’t stop the fans from believing that the third sequel for both franchises are in production. For a decade now, fans have been kept waiting for Half Life 3 and for a few years now, fans have been awaiting Left 4 dead 3.

According to Cyberland, the Source Engine 2 would launch alongside with the Steam Machines with bundled Steam OS’

The fans pointed out that the wait for Half Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 was due to the development of the Source 2 game engine. Both Half Life and Half Life 2 was created on the old Source engine which offered the best graphics back in its days.

It can be assumed that we can see Left 4 Dead 3 and Half Life 3 running on Source 2 as it will offer a whole new level of gaming experience. For a start, Source 2 will offer gamers that next-gen graphics on Half Life 3.

Aside from that, Source 2 will be able to offer more interactivity with elements inLeft 4 Dead 3 and Half Life 3.

With a completed Source 2 engine, it is only right for it to launch with a massive game like Half Life 3.

Speaking of Half Life 3…

A fan made trailer created by Youtuber, Deviant Pictures Films went viral because it really does look like a professionally made trailer by Valve! Check it out:

“Exhausted and frozen, Gordon and Alyx are looking for shelter from a snowstorm.” That’s the plot for the trailer and boy, did it excite.

“The trailer was simply well done. It has all the elements of a good trailer. This includes suspense, a strong hype-builder, 3D graphics, smooth rendering, well-picked soundtrack and many more. Upon seeing the trailer, one can only hope for it to be true. On the other hand, the trailer did create some confusion. Looking at the comments, there seems to be a huge argument on Alyx’s skin colour. In the video, she appears as a white lady and many thought that she is black.” As said by the site, Motoring Crunch in response to the video.

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