Left 4 Dead Movie Release Date Confirmed As Filming Ends! Studio Confirms Multiple Language Support For The Film!

The Left 4 Dead movie release date has been confirmed after the production studio behind the film admitted that filming for the movie has been completed.

Mexican Standoff Studios have confirmed that not only is the Left 4 Dead movie release date will arrive this 2014 but the filming for the movie was completed and that they are not in the editing phase which would take a couple of months.

The production studio also confirmed via their official Facebook page that the Left 4 Dead movie would be subtitled in different languages and the film would be in English despite the cast being Italian.

Mexican Standoff Studios has posted the official Left 4 Dead trailer on Youtube as well as a couple of short films that focus on events that happened before the Left 4 Dead movie. You can watch the videos below:

The production studio also emulated the “movie posters” from the first Left 4 Dead game and recreated them with the actors for the Left 4 Dead movie:

The Left 4 Dead movie release date is on Fall 2014 and it is going to be uploaded on Youtube for everyone to view for free.

The Left 4 Dead movie is Directed By Daniele Bellucci and it stars Samuel Umai, Marco Rea, Silvia Quondamstefano, Roberto Verrocchi.

What do you think about the Left 4 Dead movie release date? Are you hyped? Sound off in the comments below!

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