Legend Of Korra Season 3 Release Date Set On July 2014! Huge Spoilers Expected To Be Revealed On San Diego Comic Con 2014!

The Legend of Korra season 3 release date has been set to July 2014 for the US and September 2014 for Brazil.

According to a report at AvatarTheLegendOfKorraOnline.com, Nickelodeon has confirmed that The Legend of Korra season 3 will premiere during the month of September in Brazil and according to Comic City Central the Legend of Korra season 3 release date in the US is on July 2014.

The early Legend of Korra season 3 release date for the US is given credence do to the fact that four episodes of the Legend of Korra season 3 have been leaked by Mundo Nick and as speculated by AvatarTheLegendOfKorraOnline.com “any episodes premiering in non-USA countries first will be leaked to the USA as well. If Nickelodeon decides to premiere Book 3 in Brazil (as an example) before the USA, the USA will have six leaked episodes of Book 3 before the season even gets started.”

It has also been reported that the “Legend of Korra” Book Two titled “Spirits” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 1.

IGN reports that Book Two will incorporate all the 14 episodes together with two exclusive behind the scenes clips, while featuring audio commentaries and the “Kindred Spirits” feature.

According to IGN, the Blu-ray special features will include audio commentaries, behind the scenes animation, some details regarding the show’s creation, a “retelling of Korra’s Journey,” and “Kindred Spirits,” which is basically a family tree of the relationships of the show.

Meanwhile, in a recent post, animation director and co-creator of “Legend of Korra” Michael Dante DiMartino wrote, “The title of Book 3 is going to be called ‘Change.'” He added, “It’s all about Korra dealing with the change of the world in this point in time. At the end of Book 2 she says it’s a new era. And it really is and we’re going to show how Harmonic Convergence and her battle with Unalaq and Vaatu kind of shifted the world a bit.”

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