Leonel Messi Seen Vomiting Before Games

Messi fans are concerned over a health issues that has been plaguing their star recently. A lot of reasons have been floating around the mill but no logical explanation has been found yet. According to Messi’s coach for the Argentina Team, Alejandro Sabella it is due to nerves. According to his statement “I reckon that in these moments there is anxiety more than anything. It’s difficult to remain calm.”

The Argentina Team captain and four times World Player of the Year has been stressed out and is feeling the weight of bringing Argentina to the World Cup Finals.

Messi was seen taking a tablet from the bench during a friendly match between Argentina and Slovenia before the world cup started. The score reached 2-0 in favor of Argentina. Another incident of vomiting happened during the friendly match between Argentina and Romania last March which marked a draw between both teams. This happened at a World Cup qualifier in the Bolivian capital La Paz in March 2013.

But Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, assured fans that there is nothing to worry about. He said “This subject has been around for years now. The necessary studies were done at Barcelona. All the doctors say there is no need to be concerned. It does not just happen to him, but to other great athletes in other sports too.”

He added “It is a bit about the stress, or a little stomach problem, but there is nothing else. There is no need to give it too much attention; he must take precautions and nothing else.”

Messi admits that he has been feeling the pressure over the impression of the Argentineans on him. He left Argentina when he was just 13 and he has been hearing rumors that locals do not think that he plays his best when he is with his team in Argentina. With this he said “Argentina is my country, my family, my way of expressing myself,” when asked by Spanish sports paper Marca. “I would change all my record to make the people in my country happy.”

Messi has been putting a lot of effort in making his country proud and their won over Bosnia puts him one step closer to his dream.

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