Lewinsky Scandal Hillary Clinton: Unlikely 90s ‘Faux Pas’ Will Affect 2016 White House Run, “I’ve Moved On, I Wish Her Well”

Lewinsky Scandal Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton, who was a former first lady, senator and Secretary of State responded to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, saying ‘I wish her well.’

That comes about 15 years after the Monica Lewinsky Scandal, when Hillary Clinton reportedly called the White House intern ‘a narcissistic looney tune.’

Monica said in a recent Vanity Fair essay that she had been scapegoated in the Bill Clinton-Lewinsky affair that rocked Washington and the White House in the late 1990s. She felt the institution of the presidency had to be shielded at the cost of her  humiliation. Lewinsky said that the affair created a strong stigma and that she was not able to get a job that she liked.

When Barbara Walters asked Lewinsky about ‘showing the president the lingerie she was wearing’, Monica responded ‘It meant that I was interested.’ She later said that her affair with then President Clinton was ‘consensual’ but she also said ‘my boss took advantage of me.’ In other words, she was seeking absolution from sexual encounters in and around the White House with the President.

In an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Mrs. Clinton on the subject of Lewinsky Scandal Hillary Clinton said that she hopes the former President’s significant other “is able to, you know, think about her future and construct a life that she finds meaning and satisfaction in.” That sounds like a pre-planned essay in itself, but it also reveals that Hillary is tough enough to take the ‘Lewinsky Scandal Hillary Clinton criticism’ from her Republican counterparts.

One of the reasons that Lewinsky decided to come out with ‘her story’ was to get some closure from the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal a decade and a half after it happened. She says it is time to bury her ‘blue dress,’ which had Pres. Clinton’s DNA on it and was used as evidence against him in the aftermath of the affair. Monica says, now she can finally move on because now she has told America her side of the story.

The famous last words of former President Clinton when the affair leaked to the public was ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman.’ But after the impeachment hearings Clinton said something like ‘I didn’t do the things they say I did but I did some other stuff.’ He was impeached in the House of Reps but barely managed to escape a Senate impeachment on a close vote.

Hillary Clinton’s ABC interview follows insinuations that the return of Lewinsky would negatively impact the former first lady’s presumed presidential run and a link to Lewinsky Scandal & Hillary Clinton. Clinton, however, told People magazine that she’s “moved on,” from the 90s extramarital embarrassment caused by her husband’s indiscretion. Hillary told ABC, “She (Lewinsky) is in my view, an American who gets to express herself however she chooses, but that’s not something that I spend a lot of time thinking about.”

Vanity Fair reports, “Most political observers agree it’s unlikely that an affair from the late 90s could significantly impact Clinton’s chances at winning the White House in 2016-answering a question or two now about the scandal is likely Clinton’s way of leaving the discussion behind her before primary season even begins. (Of course, some of her eventual opponents may have other intentions.)”

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