Lewis Hamilton Unfazed by F1 Standing Against Nico Rosberg

Though Lewis Hamilton had a bad start in the Canadian Open, He is optimistic that he would be able to push his way and catch Nico Rosberg in the race ahead.

It has been a thrilling Formula One Season for both Hamilton and Rosberg going neck to neck in various races around the globe. Though Hamilton was not able to finish the Australian leg while Rosberg got the first place on the same race, Hamilton was able to bounce back from mechanical failures and secure four consecutive first placers while Rosberg was second in line.

On the other hand, Rosberg secured the first place on the Monaco race while Hamilton was second and for their last race in Canada, Rosberg finished second but unfortunately for Hamilton, another mechanical failure hindered him from finishing the race.

After the race in Canada, Hamilton vowed that he has no doubt that he would be able to catch Rosberg. He feels that he can improve from a 22 point deficit to return at the top of the Formula One standing. While the 28 year old German is celebrating his new found advantage, Hamilton simply countered that “I caught up before and I’ll catch up again.” He then added “It’s going to take another four wins to make the difference so I’m going to do my best to get those results. Right now, I’m just looking ahead to the next race in Austria and another chance to catch up to the lead.”

With regards to the next race in Red Bull’s home track in Zeltweg, Hamilton said “I’ve never driven the circuit but I’ve been working on it in the simulator and I’m sure I’ll learn it pretty quickly when we get out on track. It’s always exciting to go to a new venue, so it should be an interesting weekend. I’m feeling good in the car right now and I’ll be pushing flat out to come away with maximum points this time around.”

The 29-year-old Englishman feels frustrated when circumstance happen that is out of his hands but right now he is preparing himself for Sunday’s Austria race.

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