LG and Samsung to Produce More Bendy Smart Phones This Year

South Korean-based phone manufacturers, LG and Samsung, boldly brought bendy smartphones into the hands of consumers last year. Apparently, they are planning to pull off the same thing again this year. 

Yes, these famous phone makers are planning to release new phone models with very flexible 5-inch screens, like highly durable, and bendable displays. According to these companies, the first of its kind should probably come out sometime during September.

Samsung and LG have launched flexible-screen mobile phone models in the past. These were Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex. However, there are no further info about the continuation of the two models. What’s known is that both companies might introduce these smartphones, but they will be under different branding.

As for what to expect, Samsung is anticipated to have a three-sided display technology, while LG is planning to pack a Quad HD flexible touch-capable display. This enables the screen to render a 510ppi pixel density. Apparently, LG will attempt to stress on the standard of their screens, just like it did using the LG G3 only recently.

More than a million units of these flexible smartphones and tablets are likely to be released probably late this year, or early next year.

LG plans to launch investment from October to expand the monthly output of its 4.5G (730 x 920mm) flexible OLED line, producing up to 18,000 sheets from the current 10,000. This line has been engaged in production of OLED displays for LG Electronics’ flexible smartphone G Flex. Prior to LG’s bold move, Samsung decided to set up a new 6G line with a monthly production capacity of 15,000 sheets.

With this another brilliant move from two mobile-making giants, it won’t be long until other mobile phone makers will be producing similar smartphones. That is if such gadgets will be proven that popular in the market.

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