LG Nexus 6 Or Google Nexus 10 2 Rumored To Be Cancelled! Google Exec Confirms Nexus 5 Successor Will Be Released Late 2014!

If there is one biggest reason one might think either of these Google Nexus gadgets will be cancelled, it would be redundancy.

Some say that the specs of both devices are almost identical and users will just be having a hard time distinguishing what between the two is worth the purchase.

Other rumors suggest that the end of both Google Nexus 6 and the Google Nexus 10 2 is coming. It has been rumoured that Google may stop these two handsets and instead have them replaced with the Nexus 8 instead. The Nexus 8 is also said to include the Android Silver program.

Evan Blass, who is a trusted tipster, backed up the rumor of the Nexus 6 being dropped by posting on Twitter “There is no Nexus 6. Farewell, Nexus,”

As far as the Google Nexus 10 2 is concerned, it was initially due to be released last year but now that we are halfway through 2014 it still hasn’t come out. Google also haven’t released any proper statements concerning either one of those handsets.

It is predicted that we will see the HTC Nexus 8 launched at the forthcoming Developers Conference and the tech community are keeping their fingers crossed that the conference will also inform them with more news concerning the mystical Android Silver.

Google Executive Sundar Pinchai released a statement claiming that the successor to the Nexus 5 will be released in the later part of 2014 and @evleaks states that the Android Silver may not be released until 2015.

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