Liam Neeson Ill? Actor Spotted Looking Shockingly Gaunt

Liam Neeson Ill? Actor Spotted Looking Shockingly Gaunt
Liam Neeson Ill? Actor Spotted Looking Shockingly Gaunt

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Speculations that Liam Neeson is ill further ignited when he was spotted in New York recently.
According to Mirror , the actor was seen “looked worryingly thin, showing gaunt features and long grey wispy hair on Saturday.”

It is reportedly unclear whether Liam Neeson is ill or if he is in character for a movie. However, some speculate it’s highly unlikely that the actor’s transformation is for a movie, especially since he just completed shooting a Scorsese movie and his next movie project doesn’t start filming until September.
Liam Neeson has earlier said that he will be retiring from doing action movies in a couple of years.
“Maybe two more years. If God spares me and I’m healthy,” Liam Neeson revealed in a previous interview with The Guardian . “But after that, I’ll stop [the action] I think.”
Did the “Taken” actor decide to put a time frame to making action movies because he is ill?
Despite speculations that he’s ill, Liam Neeson’s publicist said the 63-year-old actor is in good health.
“Liam Neeson had fans worried when he was spotted over the weekend looking frail and gaunt … but his rep says the ‘Taken’ star is in good health,” TMZ  wrote.
“The rep says the 63-year-old actor is ‘healthy as ever,’ despite his ghostly appearance in the pic. The rep adds Neeson changed his diet and started doing more exercise about a year ago and credits that for the weight loss. Plus, the rep says … it’s just an unflattering pic.”
Liam Neeson hasn’t been reported to have any form of serious illness in the past. In fact, his “Run All Night” co-star Joel Kinnaman took note of his physical condition in a previous interview.
“He’s so physically capable, he’s an old boxer,” Kinnaman told The Guardian. “When he knocks somebody out in the movie, you believe it… Ed, Liam and Nick [Nolte]. They are people I’ve looked up to and revered their work. I think it’s kind of cool with all these old farts kicking ass, killing people.”

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