Lindsay Lohan Responds to ‘Speed-the-Plow’s’ Negative Reviews and Criticisms; ‘Mean Girls’ Star Did Well on Her Second Night; Receives Praises on Twitter

Lindsay Lohan’s first night on the West End stage wasn’t at all great after the “Speed-the-plow” star messed up her lines multiple times throughout the entire performance.

Following her first show, thousands of fans and critics weighed in on her performance negatively and Lohan was left with no other choice but to defend herself.

In an interview with

Mirror, the 28-year-old actress said, “It could have been a disaster – but it wasn’t by far. I respect people who have an opinion, but I’m doing the best I can and will for the duration. I’m doing this because working makes me feel happy and this is a new venture for me.”

Thousands of people criticized Lohan for fluffing her lines and several other things. On Twitter, one user named Steve wrote, “Lindsay Lohan needed line prompting 5 times, after the interval, but hiding behind 1 preview nerves is a great performance.”

Twitter user Clare tweeted, “So Lindsay Lohan had her lines written down in a book & also got fed a line. Total car crash.”


NY Daily News reviewed Lohan’s performance and said, “Looking pale and nervous, Lohan managed to hang on through her small but critical role as Hollywood secretary Karen – but only with the aid of some crew members offstage who shouted lines at her when she blanked on what she was supposed to say.”

Meanwhile, Lohan’s second day on stage was much better than her first. Not only did she remember her lines throughout the entire show, Lohan also gave justice to her character, Perez Hilton noted.

Twitter users commended her for her second night performance. @markh999 wrote, “A great @lindsaylohan in #speedtheplow tonight. No cues or flubbed lines that I saw. Theater should never be reviewed on opening night.”

Twitter user @VampireSoup wrote, “She’s here. She’s acting. She knows her lines. Ha! YOU WERE WRONG. #SpeedThePlow.”

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