Linkin Park’s New Single ‘Wastelands’ Officially Released, Vocalist Mike Shinoda Says The Band ‘Need To Weed Out The Emo’ From Their Music!

Linkin Park released their new single “Wastelands” yesterday, June 1. Linkin Park’s new single already had its official lyric video on their Youtube channel, and Linkin Park’s new single is already the third song from their upcoming album release on June 17.

Linkin Park’s new single “Wastelands” signifies the rock band’s return to their original heavier sound. Rolling Stone magazine previously reported that the American Nu-Metal band listened to some music from other acts such as Chvrches, Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys as inspiration for their upcoming record. They also invited fellow music artists such as Page Hamilton, vocalist and guitarist of Helmet, Tom Morello, Daron Malakian from System of a Down and rapper Rakim to play for their new songs.

Linkin Park did started having breakthrough success in music when they released their album Hybrid Theory in 2000. The album had aggressive songs that sounded fresh even until now, and the band would like to return to playing aggressive music for their new album which titled “The Hunting Party.”

According to their vocalist Mike Shinoda, “We need to weed out a lot of the soft, emo kind of approach to our music, and we need to weed out anything that feels aggressive for aggressive’s sake. We’re not 18-year-old kids making a loud record – we’re 37-year-old adults making a loud record. And what makes a 37-year-old angry is different than what made us angry back in the day.”

As for the band, Linkin Park will play on a series of shows in Europe and will start their 25-date North American tour in August 8.

Watch “Wastelands” lyric video below!

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