Lisa Vanderpump Tweets RHOBH Return; Brandi Glanville Rants Once Again

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans can sigh a breath of relief because the almighty British Queen, Lisa Vanderpump, will be returning for season 5.

Vanderpump made her return official by making a tweet filled with her usual wit on June 19.

“Well ok. . . Five has always been my lucky number, so we will see. #rhobh Let the games begin,” tweeted the RHOBH star.

In the midst of news that Vanderpump will be returning to the hit Bravo show, former BFF Brandi Glanville has been making headlines by releasing a collection of profanity about her 7-year-old son.

During her podcast “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered,” Glanville called her first grader “a complete a**hole,” “a f*cker,” and a “d*ck,” according to


The rant about her son was made when she was speaking with her guest, actor Jake Lacy.

“My son’s name is Jake: He’s 7, he’s a complete a**hole, but we love him. Oh man, he’s a d*ck, seriously,” stated the 41-year-old model.

Glanville reportedly explained that her son doesn’t do what she asks of him and he always seems to get away with it. The cast member of RHOBH even went on to say that she has a better relationship with her older son, Mason.

“I have an 11-year-old who’s awesome. He doesn’t lie, he’s really sweet, he kisses me when I ask . . . he’s my baby,” stated Glanville.

The outspoken reality television star told her guest that she’s “already, like, booking rehab for Jake down the road” based on his current behavior.

Glanville’s younger son is reportedly already getting experience with the ladies, according to the mother-of-two.

“He’s basically got to second base with a lot of chicks already!,” Glanville stated, according to the gossip website.

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