Lisa Whelchel Meets up with “Facts of Life” Co-Star Charlotte Rae

Lisa Whelchel and Charlotte Rae have not worked together in nearly three decades. However, these two fine actresses, Whelchel at 51 and Charlotte Rae at 88, posted a selfie on Instagram on Tuesday. These “Facts of Life” stars had a short reunion and dined together for lunch. They captioned the photo with, “Selfie with Charlotte Rae today at lunch. She gave me some good advice. Just like old times.”

Whelchel looked absolutely beautiful with her blond locks blown out. She played the role of Blair Warner in this 1980s sitcom, and she has aged in beauty. In the photograph, she is seen from her shoulders up and she is wearing a white blouse that has a peasant design.

Charlotte Rae, a known cancer survivor, looked fantastic at 88 years old. Her bright blue eyes accentuated her fuchsia pink smile in the picture. She looks even more of the seasoned actress that she is with her perfectly coiffed hair and elegantly styled red scarf. She is an Emmy-nominee who played the role of Mrs. Edna Garrett, the housemother of the boarding school. The “Facts of Life” ended by the end of 1989.

Whelchel has also been vocal about a scheduled professional reunion with yet another “Facts of Life” co-star, Kim Fields, who used to play the character of Tootie. They will both be starring in a Hallmark Channel romantic comedy TV movie entitled, “For Better or For Worse.” This new movie of theirs has been scheduled for a premiere screening on the 19 of July.

Many might just recognize Whelchel from her stint on the “Survivor Philippines”. The show “Facts of Life” was a famous comedy TV show back then, something that people would go home early for just so they can watch the show on time. This 80s show also featured Nancy McKeon as Jo and Mindy Cohn as Natalie.

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