‘Louie’ Season 4 Episode 13: Pamela Part 2 Review

The ongoing, will-they-won’t-they saga between Louie and Pamela has been addressed once again in episode 13 of “Louie.”

Remember back when Louie professed his love for Pamela? For those who don’t recall, click

here.  It’s worth watching.

Episode 13 delves into the pattern of love and rejection between the comedian and his ladylove, starting off with Louie and a reluctant Pamela agreeing to “hang out.”

The only way this “hang out” session becomes in any way romantic is by Louie’s declaration at the end of their phone call that this will be a “date.”

An important detail to note in this episode is that, despite Pamela’s constant rejection, the relationship between the two has grown, in the unconventional sense. Pamela even peruses through dress options, despite going on the date in her usual jean, t-shirt combo.

The two go to an art show, solely to appreciate the ridiculousness of the pieces. My personal favorite is “bag of shit.” No explanation needed.

We can once again see Louie’s affections towards Pamela with the romantic gesture of taking her to watch the meteor at Central Park with the perfect dinner of Chinese food.  

However, after the lovely date, which goes surprisingly well, Louis C.K. brings us back to the reality of rejection once again with Pamela refusing to be intimate with him. During “Pamela: Part 2,” there was worry that we would return to Louie’s use of awkward force (i.e. Pamela: Part 1) to get Pamela’s affections.

However, Louie actually shows slight signs of giving up on Pamela, even adding that he’s confused by her intentions. His love for her is restored once again, when Pamela becomes “intimate” with him, in her own endearing, non-traditional way.

The two do end up sleeping together, but the viewers are brought back to the tragic world of “Louie” when Pamela describes everything that’s wrong with Louie’s body to his daughters in an attempt to explain why the comedian ultimately can’t be her boyfriend.

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