‘Louie’ Season 4 Episode 14 Review

The finale of “Louie” is the perfect end to Louie’s unrequited love for Pamela.

One of the best parts of season 4 episode 14 of “Louie” is that we finally understand why Louie is so madly in love with Pamela. As said in “The Great Gatsby,” the comedian looks at Pamela “the way all women want to be looked at by a man,” in his own awkward way.  

The episode doesn’t stray from the underlying “what-the-f**k” element that “Louie” has always stuck with, despite the fact that our protagonist finally gets what he wants.

The finale starts off with Louie coming back home with a bag of groceries, only to realize that his furniture is being packed away in a truck outside his apartment building.

This, of course, is the doing of Pamela, who has spontaneously decided to get rid of all the “ugly furniture” in Louie’s apartment with the support of his two daughters.

The episode delves into Louie and Pamela’s nearly twisted relationship where, despite the shittiness of what Pamela just did, Louie cracks a smile because Pamela always finds a way to redeem herself.

Pamela’s disposal of Louie’s furniture leads to sex in a spacious, empty living room and a trip to buy new furniture. Both good things for Louie.

Louie brings Pamela into a sensitive (as seen in episode 5 & 6) part of his life, the complex relationship between Louie and his ex-wife. An important change is evident in Pamela when she accepts Louie’s offer to go to Janet’s home with the kids.

Throughout the past four seasons of “Louie,” there is rarely an episode without a genius set performed by Louie. Given the amount of impact Pamela has in Louie’s life, it’s surprising that she hasn’t been to any of Louie’s shows.

For the first time in all four seasons, we see Louie nervous to perform. After the set, Louie and his fellow comedians are hanging out as usual, and Pamela fits in so easily, almost as if she’s been to every one of these shows.  

The next scene shows Louie’s former best friend Marc Maron giving Louie a hard time about not being happy about his new show deal. Despite the fact that this scene focuses on the conflict between Maron and Louie, the episode doesn’t stray from redeeming Pamela, who didn’t laugh at all during Louie’s set, as she tells Louie that he’s not a bad friend, giving him a speech about how some comedians are just “luckier” than others and that in fact, none of them are special.

The consistency of Pamela’s feelings towards Louie is broken once again when she refuses to go through the motions of a conventional couple the way that Louie wants. In that moment, we’re not sure why she’s not giving in. We know she likes the man equally as much as he loves her. What’s holding her back?

In the next scene, Pamela redeems herself once again, inviting Louie to take a bath with her, an offer that she made in the previous season. Given her fear of intimacy, Pamela wants a relationship with Louie that is free of all the fluff because if you love each other you love each other, and that’s it.

While in the tub together, the two share stories of their first kiss and in that moment, we see a relationship that is stripped down to its bare essentials. The scene itself, two people in a tub together, is strangely and profound not sexual in any way, but simply intimate, sweet and natural, just as Pamela seems to want.

What I’m trying to say is, the finale of “Louie” is amazing and definitely worth watching.  

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