‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion Episode Part 2: ‘Disagreements, Denials And Catfights’

'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Reunion Episode Part 2: 'Disagreements

'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Reunion Episode Part 2: 'Disagreements, Denials And Catfights'

VH1 recently aired a reunion episode of television series “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” which turned out to be full of disagreements, denials and catfights, according to Christian Today.
The first installment of the two reunion episodes had a happy ending with the cast in tears with some shocking confessions. But the second part involved intense conflicts and fights over cheating and humiliation issues between the cast of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

The Boom Box reported that the reunion episode was all about Moniece Slaughter and Richie D’s relationship status, Ray and Princess’s engagement, Kamaya and Fizz’s relation, Max and Brandi’s ring issues with Amber and Miles betrayal problems.
The second part of the reunion series showcased Moniece fighting with Brandi over his lack of parenting skills. The fight got tense when Brandi and Shanda blamed Moniece for not taking good care of her son with Fizz and she tried to attack them.
The security had to be called to stop the fight between Brandi and Moniece. The episode also featured Princess Love getting in the fight between Moniece and Brandi, reported Enstarz.
The next drama in the reunion episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood happened between Jason Lee and Hazel-E, where they both failed to resolve their difference. Jason earlier threw a glass full of drink on Hazel’s face for humiliating him in front of other cast members for being a gay.
According to Wet Paint, that the episode also witnessed the second catfight between Nia and Nas for cheating issues over Soulja Boy, rapper. The couple Miles Brock and Milan Christopher was also seen indulged in a feud over their cheating issues, where Miles calls Milan as a liar and attention seeker.
The last season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood also witnessed the exit of Apryl Jones and Omarion. “We’ve never been worried about the ‘show curse’ because when we walked into ‘Love & Hip Hop’ we were prepared for what they were going to put us in and they had a lot of respect for Omarion and me,” said Apryl, reported International Business Times .
The next season six of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood premiered on December 14 on VH1.

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