Love May Come After Marriage In “Fated To Love You”

Love May Come After Marriage In "Fated To Love You"
Love May Come After Marriage In "Fated To Love You"


The question of fate looms large in k-dramas and will play an important role in the upcoming drama “Fated To Love You.”

K-drama fate plays out in several ways. Couples are fated to meet because even if they don’t notice each other at first, they meet subsequent times and apparently cannot escape each other. Couples also meet as children because they are meant to be together. Or three brothers who were separated in childhood might face each other on different sides of gambling ventures.

And in some dramas what seems like an accident is really destiny.

In “Fated To Love You,” a woman spends one accidental night with a wealthy stranger and she immediately gets pregnant. And while they are an unlikely couple, it’s a sign that they were fated to be together.

Actress Jang Nara plays a character named Kang Yoon Kyung but her nickname at work is “post-it girl” because she can’t say no to anyone. She goes on a romantic boat cruise with her boyfriend because she wants to take their relationship to the next level.

Jang Hyuk’s character is also on the same cruise. He plans to propose to his girlfriend but she breaks it off. She wants to focus on her career and his family doesn’t care for her.

Somehow Jang Nara’s character and Jang Hyuk’s character wind up sleeping together and wake up embarrassed that they did. They want to forget what happened but they can’t because she turns out to be pregnant. His family finds out and insists they get married. In a time when love usually happens before marriage, the drama asks whether love can follow marriage?

The series is a remake of a 2008 Taiwanese series of the same name that earned high ratings. Both the Korean and Taiwanese versions are based on the manga “Fated To Love You.”

The upcoming drama reunites Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara who were obviously fated to co-star in a second drama. The two starred together 12 years ago in the drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl,” generating lots of chemistry.

Jang Nara recently appeared as a teacher in “School 2013.” Jang Hyuk appeared in the dramas “The Slave Hunters” and “Deep-Rooted Tree,” as well as the film “The Thorn.”

“Fated To Love You” also stars Choi Jin Hyuk, last seen in “Emergency Couple” and  “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit,” and his “The Heirs” co-star Wang Ji Won. Wang also appeared in “Good Doctor” and “Family.”

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