Luis Suarez heads home but Uruguay team will remain fighting for him

The atmosphere at the beach-front Sehrs Grand hotel in Natal was bleak and dreary. Ever since the verdict from FIFA officials came in, Suarez was banned from watching any games inside the stadium for FIFA. Due to this, the Uruguay forward is heading home.  The hotel where the team has been staying was plagued with fans waiting to see the football superstar before departing from Brazil. He bid his farewell to the team as well as the medical staff and the management. He would have a lot of things to think about boarding his flight back to Montevideo.

Uruguay team captain, Diego Lugano, took to social media his feelings towards the vulnerability he and his team felt with the loss of a very capable team mate. He wrote “We would like a fairer world, but that world simply does not exist.” The 33 year old defender continued “The people who are in charge are in charge, and the strong are strong. They do not judge us by the same law. Embrace Luis who, as always, will get back on his feet again. And especially embrace his family who are always the ones who suffer most in cases like this. They should still be proud of him. He deserves that.”

Suarez has been sanctioned with the harshest conditions that FIFA has ever bestowed on a player. The Liverpool player with be banned from all football activities for four months. But besides that he won’t be able to play in 9 international games which extend beyond the four month period including his stint for next year’s Copa America. To top it all, he has also been fined by FIFA worth 100,000 Swiss francs ($112,000).

But the Uruguay federation president Wilmar Valdez felt like the decisions made by FIFA was too much and called it a “severe punishment”. He also said “It feels like Uruguay has been thrown out of the World Cup.”

Valdez said that they will be appealing to the committee with regards to the severity of the punishment. He said “There was not enough evidence and I have seen more aggressive incidents recently.” He continued “We all know what Suárez means to Uruguay and to football around the world. Not having Suárez would be a loss to any team. It feels like Uruguay has been thrown out of the World Cup.”

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