Madonna Instagram Selfie Shocked Followers With Mud Clay; ‘Material Girl’ Promotes Newest Skincare Line

Madonna’s Instagram selfie shocked the “Material Girl’s” followers as she put on display of her photo with mud clay where the iconic singer promoted her newest skincare line.

The reported that Madonna’s Instagram selfie made her barely unrecognizable as her face was soaked in a clay mud from her MDNA Skin product.

She tweeted, “Trying out the new Clay Mask from MDNA skin care line! Lets see if it works! #livingforlove.”

MDNA Skin is her newest business venture after her albums, children’s books and fashion line. also reported that Madonna’s first attempt to advertise her new business is through an “unintentionally hilarious” promo showing the iconic singer rolling in a bathtub while saying something about her skin.

“Now, she’s taken to her frequently bizarre Instagram account to hock the beauty range – but we’re not sure the pictures she posted are going to send sales skyrocketing,” said.

After Madonna’s Instagram selfie was posted, various comments from her 1.7 million followers were seen under her photo.

Follower Deanofbean said, “She looks so baked,” while another comment reads, “@madonna are you allergic to the mask your lips have blown to an incredibly unnatural size. Freaky.”

“This reminds me of chocolate yoghurt!” said another follower.

To show her fans how the product worked, she posted another selfie showcasing her smooth and glowing skin after washing the mud clay off her face.

Wearing a printed chic hat, Madonna captioned her slightly awkward pose, “Lovely and glowing! Yaaaaassssss it werks! #unapologeticbitch.”

She also posted an Instagram photo of the chrome clay mask product she used.

Her hashtag “unapologetic bitch,” which she has been using in her past posts, hastriggered speculations on the name of her thirteenth album.

Madonna is reportedly working on her next album with renowned names in music like Diplo, “Wake Me Up” singer Avicii, and Brit singer and songwriter Natalia Kills. She was also seen recently collaborating with “Happy” singer Pharell Williams.

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