Making The Most Out Of Your Kitchen Left Overs, Best Ways To Reuse Your Remaining Food

Making the most of your kitchen leftovers is a very effective way to recycle and reuse kitchen left overs Life Hacker suggests ways on how you can reuse and recycle your leftover food.

Here’s what they recommend:


You can use stale breads to make French toasts and homemade bread pudding or make some tasty stuffing with stale bread pieces.

Instead of reinvigorating it with moisture, another way you can get use from stale bread is by removing more moisture from it. Dice up your stale bread into cubes and make crunchy croutons for salads, or crunchify larger pieces for croutons you can use in french onion soup.


If you have a leftover party platter of cheese, you can combine all the hardening cheeses you have around to make some delicious mac and cheese. It doesn’t matter how hard the cheese is because when you bake it, the cheese all melts together and the flavours combine. You can also make a cheese sauce called Fromage Fort. It combines all your old cheeses, salt, pepper, garlic and a little white wine. You can put it on crackers or melt it on cheese toast.

Leftover Parmesan cheese can be used to boost the flavour of your soups. Or you can just take all the cheese you can find, melt it together to make fondue, and dip away!


If you’ve already devoured most of a chicken, use what’s left of the carcass and make some chicken stock. Simmer the chicken carcass with some vegetables and you have a classic kitchen ingredient that can be used in a huge number of recipes. The same goes for the remnants of a beef or pork dinner, which you can use to make beef stock or pork stock.

If you’ve let steak sit too long, it will become pretty tough. You can revitalise and tenderise that meat by making beef stew with it. The slow simmering will tenderise the meat and make it juicy and succulent again.

You can also take leftover chicken bones and make fertiliser for your garden with them. Bone meal is rich in nitrogen and can nourish your soil without the need for man-made chemicals. Just make sure you break down the bones into smaller pieces first.

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