Maksim Chermkovskiy and Meryl Davis Dating?: Maybe, But ‘Dancing…Stars’ Not Letting Loose On The Media

Maksim Chermkovskiy and Meryl Davis Dating? ‘Dancing with the Stars’ winners Maks Chermkovskiy and Meryl Davis are said to be dating. They seem to be appearing in restaurants and in public two weeks after the DWTS win.

Apparently, they got together for dinner again, after a recent ‘brouhaha’ with friends at a New York restaurant. While the couple are staving off rumors of dating, it appears to be much more friendship, according to reports.

Maks, 34, is known to be affectionate with his dancers, while the two dancers commented that they take it as a compliment when asked if they are dating. Normally, according to the Maks and Meryl version, skater are supposed to express romantic feelings on stage and this spill over into an off-stage romance as well.

In a Twitter post, Maks shared a photo of Davis and him together with their hands around each other’s waists and heads touching. Not very suggestive, but revealing enough to say something about the couple’s camaraderie. Dating or not, the relationship sounds like its only a thin line bordering on flirtatious.

Why all the drama? It sounds like a little bit of immaturity or perhaps Maks and Meryl want to be sure be sure before they expose it to the media because how bad the media can make these stories into vulturous tales when the couples cool down their romance.

At any rate, it does sound like the dancing with stars couple is quite shy off the media and have denied their closeness with several interview hosts. Wendy Williams on the Wendy Williams Show asked if the couple were sleeping together, according to HollywoodGossip.

That sounds like a tad bit too personal but when they said, they were not dating, Wendy quickly turned to the Maks nude photo shoot after they had won Dancing with Stars. The couple had to hold hands to regroup from the question.

The bottom line is that even Mak’s brother Val says that his brother looks at Davis in a way that he has not looked at any other woman. And that has to be mean something!

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