‘Maleficent’ 50 Cent Spoof On Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]! Rapper Pokes Fun And Plays The Villain In The Latest Disney Flick

The “Maleficent” 50 Cent spoof was a pleasant surprise to Jimmy Kimmel’s audience Thursday; the rapper took the role of the villain a notch nastier.

The rapper’s version of the Disney villain was somewhat expected, though no one saw it coming last Thursday evening at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. During an interview, Kimmel hinted of a “project” 50 Cent is involved in, segueing to a spoofed trailer of “Maleficent.”

“MaleFiftyCent” had the rapper stalking Aurora (played by Elle Fanning) through the woods. 50 Cent, clad in the Disney witch’s costume (sans the cheekbones) stepped in after Aurora spieled “Don’t be afraid.”

The “Maleficent” 50 Cent spoof echoed one of the rapper’s claims to fame: “I’ve been shot nine times. I’m not afraid of no little white girl!”

eonline.com plays on the spoof, stating the rapper isn’t exactly the most kid-friendly choice for the role if ever such a movie was realized, but it doesn’t mean 50 Cent doesn’t have what it takes to handle the role of the “Maleficent” anti-hero.

The spoofed movie came with a tagline taken from 50 Cent’s previous album: “Get Witch or Die Trying.” 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson in real life, went along with the skit claiming “MaleFiftyCent” is going to be a big one. “This one ain’t going to no Redbox!” he assures Kimmel.

The “Maleficent” 50 Cent spoof offers the lighter side of Kimmel’s interview with the rapper, who is pulling the strings for a G-Unit reunion. 50 Cent is based on Queens, and is preparing for a performance with Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck, previous collaborators at Summer Jam.

The “MaleFiftyCent” shows the rapper’s humorous side, a departure from his image of gangsta notoriety. 50 Cent owned the role of the villain to the core, though. The “Maleficent’ 50 Cent spoof ended with his parting shot, “This s–t just got magical” (



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