Malia Obama’s Prom Date Is ‘Classified Information’; President Of The United States Share It Was ‘A Little Bit Jarring’ To See His Daughter In Heels; Shared His And Wife Michelle’s Parental Roles

While US President Barack Obama was all smiles sharing his eldest’s first prom experience, he was just not too generous in dishing out who his daughter Malia Obama’s prom date was.

In an interview for “Live! With Kelly and Michael,” the president jokingly said that Malia’s prom date is “classified information.” Obama would not share whether his daughter went out with a boy or with friends.

The president and father of two girls however shared, that he thinks he won’t be too intimidating for any boy who wants to date his daughter to come to the White House.  But, he also shared that seeing his beautiful daughter in heels could really be “a little bit jarring.” 

He also shared that he and his wife Michelle, are also confident about how their kids have remained respectful, kind and considerate.  Obama went on to admit that they were once worried that raising children in the White House might give them “an attitude.”

Thankfully that did not happen and Obama gives his wife credit for it.

“I’m labor, she’s management,” Obama jokingly said.

“Michelle is a brilliant lawyer and was a very strong professional and smart as can be when it comes to policy… but what drives her and she’s passionate about is children.”

Can people expect the first lady to run for office too?  Obama quickly dismissed the possibility as Michelle is said to be uninterested in having a political career.

When asked by Kelly what he would say if Michelle said that she wanted to run for office, the President said: “I would say where did you take my wife because I was sure there was an alien body-snatching going on.”

“One thing I can promise you is Michelle will not run for office.”                      

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