“Mama” Will Be A Noona Romance

Mama Will Be A Noona Romance
Mama Will Be A Noona Romance


Fans of the noona romance may be pleased to hear that a new one is on the weekend schedule for August.

The MBC drama “Mama,” also called “Fearless Mama,” will star model, singer and actress Song Yoon Ah and model-turned actor Hong Jung Hyun.

The actress, who has not been in a drama since her cameo in “Secret Garden,” will play Seung Hee, the mama that the title “Mama” refers to. Seung Hee is a single mother who finds out that she has only a short time to live. In the short time she has before she dies, she wants to create a new family for her son. She does not want him to be alone in the world, so she searches out her ex and befriends his new wife.

Hong Jung Hyun, who virtually married Girl’s Day’s Yura in the reality show “We Got Married,” plays Goo Ji Sub, a photographer and the son of a design company CEO. Goo Ji Sub comes across as a bad boy but he’s really hiding behind an irritable exterior. He’s not kind to strangers but when he knows and loves someone, he’s understanding and very caring. He falls in one-sided love with Seung Hee, who is a decade older than he is. Because he is devoted to her, he tries to help accomplish her goal of forging new family ties for her son.

In “Mama” Goo Ji Sub is supposed to be ten years younger than Seung Hee but in real life there is an even bigger age gap between the actors. Song Yoon Ah is 40 and Hong Jung Hyun is only 24.

Song Yoon Ah has appeared in a half dozen films, most notably the 2010 film “Wedding Dress,” and over a dozen dramas, including “On Air.” For the last few years Song Yoon Ah has focused on her family. She is married to actor Sol Kyung Gu.

Hong Jung Hyun has appeared a dozen dramas, including “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” and most recently “Dating Agency Cyrano” and “My Lovely Heels.” His films include “A Frozen Flower” and he is also cast in the 2014 film “Alice.”

“Mama” also stars Choi Song Hyun, who was in “I Need Romance” and “Potato Star 2013QR3.” Jung Jun Ho, who appeared in “Queen of Reversals,” will play Seung Hee’s ex-husband Moon Tae Joo.

Moon Jung Hee, who was in “Thousand Day Promise,” plays his wife.

“Mama” follows “Hotel King” and will air in August.

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