Manny Pacquiao’s Basketball Stint Goes Pro With New Head Coach Appointment For Professional Team! ‘Pacman’ Confident He Can Handle The Job And Boxing?

Manny Pacquiao’s basketball stint goes professional as he was recently appointed as the new head coach of a new expansion team in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). The eight-division world champion will be heading the newly incorporated KIA Motors for the PBA’s new season October.

“Pacman” spoke in front of a group of gathered media men to express his happiness over the new Manny Pacquiao basketball venture. It must be noted that this is also a sport that he loves playing.

“I’m very happy to be named head coach of Kia,” Pacquiao said in Filipino. “I really like basketball, even though I have many accomplishments in boxing, basketball is still in my heart.”

Manny Pacquiao and his love for basketball has been evident, as featured on HBO’s 24/7 episodes showing him playing some pick-up games in between training.

Since the news about Manny Pacquiao’s basketball venture arose in May, many believed that he will be coaching and playing at the same time. But “Pacman” was quick to clarify these stories, adding that he will concentrate on solely coaching for the mean time.

“As of now, I am head coach. As for playing, we still don’t know that,” Pacquiao said. “My focus is in coaching, to get good players and or organise a would-be great team.”

Despite the disapproval from most casual fans, PBA Commissioner Chito Salud is one of the key personalities that expressed excitment in Manny Pacquiao’s entry into professional basketball.

“There were comments and concerns regarding the possibility of Manny Pacquiao joining the PBA,” Salud explaiend. “Many of them have been genuinely to protect our national treasure. What we’re missing here are the things that Manny brings, the wow factor, the pulling power.”

Manny Pacquiao’s entry into basketball only adds to the handful obligations that he needs to fulfill. Apart from the storied boxing career that he is trying to uphold, he also holds a Congressional seat as a representative of the province of Saranggani.

But for “Pacman”, everything is all about time management.

“Just time management and self-discipline,” Pacquiao said. “I’ll be able to handle that.”

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